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Megan has been a wonderful friend of mine for some years now and I have never known her to be anything other than exroverted flower of continual blossoming. She has always been there to give gems of healing and one she blessed me with is Yoni Steaming.
I had suffered from prefuse menstruals, growing fibroids and 2 miscarriages. Once I shared this with her, she was sympathetic, compassionate and giving immediately. We happen to live just a few hours from one another so it was a perk in the travel too. After an hour talking on the phone prior and a few hours into her visit with me, I was already on the steam pot. And let me say, there hasn’t been anything I’ve ever used that gave me immediate results. Just within the same month after my first miscarriage in February 2015, I saw less clotting in my flow, less cramps and more energized feeling along with prayers and meditations with a 30 day Womb Healing health challenge I was also doing. The following fall in September 2015, I had a second miscarriage which wasn’t as difficult b/c I was already steaming and I was only 2 weeks gestation.
I kept Megan informed of it all, included the losses and gains in my family and the emotional hardship I was going through. Besides healing with steaming, Megan healed my mind in a way with Astrological knowledge and guidance. And I have a new way of viewing everyone and everything in my life.
Now, I’m already a very spiritual person by nature/nurture with my upbringing and character, but having great people like Megan in my circle added so much more to my being. I am forever thankful for her. I am a womanof common sense too, so if God provides means of self healing, we aught to adhere.

As of now, I am joyfully pregnant again and almost 10 weeks steady, my family is strong, happy and growing. I look forward to further blessings, enjoying my pregnancy and spending more time with people that have resonating positive energy such like my dear friend Megan.


Rakia Mason




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Astrological Consultation Testimonials

Chart Reading Session with Simply Megan

I thoroughly enjoyed my chart reading with Megan.
It was quite a bit of information to take in; however, the format chosen of acknowledging the past, present and future served to keep the reading flowing in a smooth manner.

For someone who knows a very little about astrology, it wasn’t too difficult to follow her. She did a great job of explaining the roles of each planet and each house they fell in, before diving into her conclusive insight.

What I loved best was the back and forth dialogue allotted during the session, which served as spoken validation, confirming what was already written in the stars. And of course, her personality was extremely pleasant and welcoming. I found Megan to be very relatable, non-judgemental (as some things seen may be traits you are not so proud of) and thorough in her research.

I would recommend her services to anyone who feels they needs to know who they were in their past lives, where they stand currently and what their soul yearns for in the future.

I give thanks for the experience! Great session!

– Gheri Thomas

I have never had an astrological reading before. But being in a place where I really wanted to do some exploration led me to Megan. I cannot express enough how amazing this experience was. Megan broke everything down into easily understandable language and suddenly my life was brought forward in all of its complicated nuance. Megan is timely, reasonably priced and extremely gifted in what she does. I highly recommend her services and cannot wait to schedule my next appointment with her. Give yourself the gift of personal clarity and allow Megan to bring you in touch with YOU.

– Nicole Bowman


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